Let’s all agree that every single Egyptian, either consciously or unconsciously, is guilty of enjoying mahraganat. Even if you’re not an avid listener, you wouldn’t be a true Egyptian if you don’t start shaking it when the DJ puts one on at a wedding. And if one mahragan, in particular, is trending these days, we’d have to say it’s A’ayem Fi Bahr El Ghadr. But little did we know that it would be turned into “Swimming in the Treachery Sea”.

Yes, that’s right. The famed song has been translated to English and it’s going viral. Wissam Magdy, the mastermind behind this viral lyric video, has been turning Arabic songs to English for a while now and we’d have to say, he’s good. He translated songs like Zahma Ya Donia Zahma and Lolaki; it seems that our guy here has a thing for shaabi tunes. The thing about this song, or any of his, is that you don’t really feel they’re westernised because they’re not! Magdy uses the exact same beat, the same rhythm, and he just changes the lyrics.