One of the most talented surrealist painters, Frida Kahlo went through so much in her life, from tragic things that happened to her body or the heartbreak she suffered because of Diego Rivera. However, nothing stopped her from painting her feelings.


Frida expressed herself by painting. She mostly painted self-portraits showcasing her pain and sorrow, using many colours and a perspective that could be considered a little bit dark and depressing as she highlighted her post-accident disabilities and injuries. Even after this quick roundup, there’s still a lot to say about Frida Kahlo’s life. So, let’s discuss it!


Significant Events in Frida Kahlo’s life


Aside from being one of the greatest painters who ever existed, Frida Kahlo was also one-half of an art world power couple when she married Diego Rivera, a famous Mexican painter. That said, Diego made Frida’s life difficult and caused her much pain with his widespread and unhidden infidelity. At one point, he even cheated on her with her own sister!


After making a portrait showing the infidelity, Frida divorced Diego only to remarry him and restart the toxic cycle again. She also had multiple miscarriages as well as a terrible accident that left her whole body trapped in a cast for the longest time, which greatly affected her psyche.


Even through all these crises, the artist never stopped painting—she’d even used her misery for inspiration, painting portraits of herself free from her cast and pain. On the topic of her self-portraits, Frida said this: “I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone because I am the person I know best.”


Frida’s Paintings and The Meanings Behind Them


Two Fridas, 1939

This painting shows the inner conflict Frida had with herself as well as her struggle with identity at the time, as this work was created after she and Diego separated. It shows her two sides: one that was once married and one that’s heartbroken.

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Self-Portrait With Thorn Necklace And Hummingbird, 1940

Frida painted this self-portrait a year after splitting from her husband after finding out about his affair. She said that this portrait highlights how “we can endure much more than we think”.

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The Broken Column, 1944

After the horrendous accident in her teenage years and the subsequent spinal cord injury, she painted this broken column, showing her in nothing but a hospital sheet and a metal corset covering her after her surgery.

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Without Hope, 1945

In this heartbreaking painting, Frida painted herself lying in a bed, helpless and in pain. She also has the wooden frame that she puts her canvas on to paint, though she can’t seem to do so because of her physical state. Another thing we see in the painting is the disgusting diet she had to follow to recover.

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The Wounded Deer, 1946

This painting shows the emotional and physical pain Frida endured throughout her life, whether from her divorce from Diego Rivera or from the broken spine which left her almost trapped in her own body.

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