Earlier this week, the prominent film director, Rami Imam, shared a spooky video on his Instagram account where he tells his fans how some content on his feed is terrifying to him. Imam, later on, explains that what caused him horror was the photos Yasmin Abdelaziz shared of her daughter’s cat, Bobbos!


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Remember Rachel Green’s Mrs Whiskerson from the American hit series Friends? Remember how it scared the rest of the group to death? Well, that’s exactly the case with the Egyptian actress’s cat. Bobbos is also a rare Sphynx cat and neither Imam nor the rest of Yasmin’s fellow colleagues, such as Mona Zaki and Mostafa Khater, seem to be big fans of him.

Abdelaziz took it lightly as she reposted Imam’s video. She even posted another one herself; it was basically another horrifying picture of Bobbos with some freaky sound effects and a caption that read, “Bobbos never ends”.

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بوبوس لا ينتهي #Bobos never end😈👻 @ramimam

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