Another day, another ridiculous headline plastered on our computer screens. Not long after politicians called for Egyptians to be charged subscription fees for using social media, the latest bright idea to be discussed concerns Egyptian parents giving their children 'foreign names', according to Al Bawaba EG.


Yes, you read that right - concerned that foreign names are undermining Egyptian society and its identity, as well as inciting deep-seated complexes  for carriers of foreign names, parliament is to discuss fines and prison sentences as some sort of deterrent. Leading the crusade is member of parliament, Bedeir Abdel Aziz, who is said to be drafting up the law, which would impose a 5000LE fine and/or a prison term of anything between one day and six months for offenders.

So, sorry Heidi, sorry Tanya, sorry Lara, sorry Mark, but you're airy-fairy parents could be behind bars soon for having the audacity to call you anything other than Mohamed or Sara.

There is good news, though - there's no word on parliament's stance on ridiculous celebrity baby names, so, until told otherwise, calling your offspring Apple, North or Blue Ivy is A-OK.

By Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Abdallah