Written by Yara El Komaty

In saddening news, a distinguished floating restaurant in Zamalek sank in the Nile, and it all happened in under a minute. Le Deck, which is part of Sofitel El Gezirah Hotel, shockingly sank in only fifty seconds! It all happened so fast it left onlookers in utter shock.

Zamalek is known for its stunning floating boats, and Le Deck used to occupy one of the preeminent locations in Zamalek, overlooking a mesmerising view of the Nile. The restaurant hosted a number of events and was an iconic place in Zamalek.

There have been no comments yet on the reason behind its sinking, but it’s pretty devastating that it has disappeared underwater with no trace.

We hope everyone is safe from the tragedy and that the restaurant we love so dearly can be rescued.