You know how we all dream about the “perfect husband”, and we keep searching for one for so long. As the term “perfect” varies greatly from one person to another, we never thought it would differ to this extent. Apparently, Toqa, a young Egyptian woman, wants to divorce her husband for helping her with the dishes. Yes, you just read that! “He’s washing the dishes like I’m not the housewife,” Toqa said, justifying why she’s filing the divorce papers. Toqa filed a lawsuit to the family court in Alexandria after only six months of marriage, and her reasons are that she isn’t comfortable around her own house with her husband helping her out. We thought she was joking too. But here is where it gets even more interesting. She really isn’t joking. “I haven’t even washed a spoon for six whole months,” she complained. Well, sorry, Toqa for having to endure this. It must’ve been really “hard”. She continues saying that her husband, Shehab, wanted her to rest and that he used to help his mother around the house too. He told her that he knows how tiring it can be to do all the housework by herself, and that’s why he wanted to help. Toqa also said that she thought he’d change, but he didn’t. She even left the house for 10 days and he wouldn’t budge. How could he?! So, dear ladies of Egypt, Toqa here is proving that parallel universes do exist, and it’s ugly. For centuries, we’ve been calling for equality and Toqa just casually comes in to ruin everything we’ve been building. Not cool, Toqa.