Mustafa Raafat tied up his wife with ropes and brutally beat her when he discovered she had set up a Facebook account, according to regional news outlet Al Arabiya

Asmaa Samir had previously asked her husband to create an account for her, to which he refused; when he discovered that she had created accounts under fake names, he went ballistic. 
According to Egyptian security forces, Samir was tortured by Raafat, who tied her up with ropes and locked her in their house for three days, depriving her of food & drink and torturing her using sharp tools.

During interrogation, Raafat said his wife opened three accounts using a fake female names to see if he would cheat on her, adding that he punished her by beating her up. However, he denied reports that he had starved her (like that makes it okay?!) 

Numerous women's rights organisations have called for Raafat to be tried in court, after a medical report revealed that he had severely injured his wife, with several lawyers offering to represent the victim pro bono.

Egyptians have taken to Twitter to voice their outrage and show solidarity with Asmaa Samir, with many calling on the Egyptian attorney general and relevant authorities to imprison Raafat.


By Salma Thanatos Rizk