Via Twitter

In our colloquial Egyptian Arabic, we have the weirdest sayings that we all use without giving them much thought. However, if we really think about these sayings (especially the more negative ones), we discover that they can be understood positively rather than negatively! Even though we use these terms unconsciously, we all know the kind of existential questions that hit our brains after midnight…and these questions have apparently inspired this tweet.

See, someone on Egyptian Twitter decided to question the saying “ghasel we makwa”, which is commonly known for its negative meaning of ‘giving someone a hard time’. Theoretically speaking, though, isn’t washing something and ironing it actually a good thing? So why does it mean giving someone a hard time?

On the other hand, one of the Egyptian Twitter folks gave it some thought and gave this connotation a very logical explanation! “Ghasel we makwa” are a hassle and chores that take a really long time. Therefore, this user thinks the meaning refers to the tedious process and not its relaxing result, which makes a lot of sense.

Someone else pointed out another saying that has a more negative meaning, and that is “Nasharto”. While literally meaning ‘hanging to dry’, this saying means exposing the worst things about someone or just giving them a hard time. Seriously, again, drying out clothes is not an unpleasant thing—when did it gain this reputation?