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The Arabic language is absolutely fascinating in terms of linguistics. But let us clarify that right now, we are not talking about Modern Standard Arabic; we are talking about the exciting ‘Amya Arabic we have as Egyptians!

Everyone knows that the many dialects found in languages have rules as well as exceptions. However, our Egyptian dialect has a preferable pattern with some sense-based rules that vary and intertwine every two seconds!

Not to mention the fact that you can easily add a cool word to the lingo with no heads up to the public and have that same word become a trend by the second day. Don’t get us wrong, though, we think our language is the coolest thing on the face of the Earth!

The Great Sushi Debacle

Via Twitter

So, how does this relate to what we want to say here? Well, on Twitter, a fellow Egyptian woke up on a typical morning and decided to pose this question: What is the plural form of the word sushi in Arabic? Sarcastically, people had actual grammatical guesses to this! This level of undetected sarcasm can only be found on Egyptian lands, people!

Some people decided that as a foreign word, we should just leave it alone. Yet, others went full-on creative, proposing that we add a word before it, like maybe a ‘tray of sushi’. Sounds logical grammatically speaking, doesn’t it?

How It Ended

Via Twitter

Interestingly, we have a common thing in Arabic, which is making some words unnecessarily singular! A clear example can be seen, for instance, in phrases such as “let’s have a pizza-ya”.

Why do we do that? Oddly enough, this rule resolved the whole sushi-confusion situation that was going on. Enlighten yourself now, guys, because Egyptian Twitter folks have officially announced that sushi is a plural word, and its singular form is “sushiyaya”!