Does the term Cairopolitan ring a bell? Well, if you don’t know the Egyptian brand, it’s about to become more familiar. Cairopolitan, as many of you may know, is one of the coolest, most artistically-driven Egyptian brands in Cairo. It is also known as a brand that sells a wide range of everyday products inspired by Cairo’s urban life. As much as we love Cairopolitan’s creative work and brilliant identity, we think they’ve gone way too far this time.

The brand recently just launched a new collection celebrating one year of branding the city. The exhibition where the new products are being displayed is taking place from the 20th of September to the 3rd of October at Cairopolitan’s main branch in Garden City. One product, in particular, caught our attention; CairoDust. To say that the CairoDust can be representative of our “eternal life after death” or our “infinite soul” is to convince the audience into magnifying the importance of its product just to sell it for EGP 500!

It looks like Cairopolitan got carried away with the idea and may have played with the emotions of its buyers. Not only is the price for some dust in a glass container a bit much, but it is established on exaggerated grounds.

The idea of Cairopolitan originates from the concept of Cairo and its sweet taste and nature that separates it from other cities. In other words, the goal of Cairopolitan is to pass on the Egyptian identity and to draw people’s attention to the Egyptian voice. Overall, it’s a fantastic brand with a very original idea that has, for the most part, been executed very well. However, Cairopolitan must stick to the roots of its idea, and the values it represents. Otherwise, the quality of their integrity that they owe to themselves and their customers would be at stake.