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Egyptian mothers are the best mothers in the world. We are obviously biased, but we have our reasons, we promise! They’re totally normal mothers like all others; they just have that little Egyptian traditional spark in them that we believe is inherited from past generations.

Let’s be honest though; our mothers are the best things that ever happened in our lives. They’re so savage (in a good way), and we just relate to them too much. But that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been times where we clashed with them or that they’ve done things that left us hanging, wondering ‘’what just happened and why are you cleaning the window with my t-shirt?’’

If you’re curious about why your mother does strange things sometimes, we have a lot more of these behaviours listed down here—let’s get to it!


  • The Food Issue

Have you ever just asked your mother ‘’what’s for lunch?” and heard her reply that you’re having fish today, even though you told her multiple times that you hate fish? Then, of course, she gets so shocked and asks when exactly did you hate fish because, apparently, you always loved fish.

This argument naturally ends with your mom ordering or cooking fish, even when you said you don’t want to eat it. Yeah, totally relatable! Maybe we DO live in a simulation?


  • “What If I Came And Found It?”

You’ve probably lost a lot of things in your lifetime and told your mom that you couldn’t find them. If that ever happened to you, how surprised were you when your mom found it?

We’re almost a hundred percent sure that the lost things only appear if our moms look for them. They just magically appear and they always find them…ALWAYS! They usually do that after saying the famously used sentence ‘’W Law Omt W Gebtahalak’’. Is that a secret magic spell?


  • The Cookie Box That Isn’t For Cookies

Whether it’s at Grandma’s house or your home, DO NOT open the cookie box because it probably has sewing tools inside and doesn’t have cookies at all. Sad, we know. We’re not sure who came up with this idea, but it does fall under “recycling goals”, and honestly, we salute them for it.


  • Your Older Sibling’s Hand-me-downs

If you have older siblings, you definitely wore their clothes when you were a baby because mom will never throw out clothes that could be worn again—it’s recycling!. You might also recall wearing those jeans that didn’t fit your sibling, but your mom thought would fit you because why buy more clothes when we have your sibling’s hand-me-downs? That sadly goes on, no matter the gender, because your mom wouldn’t care!


  • Defending You With Her Life

She will scold and yell at you, and even get so angry with you that she’ll stop talking to you for a while. In front of other people, though? You are never wrong, no matter what you did or how bad it was. Trust us on this one because that’s just what mothers do! She will be on your side no matter what because the Mama Bear instincts can’t help but show themselves.


  • You Are Probably The Most Handsome/Prettiest

Nothing in the world compares to the boost of ego your mother gives you whenever you’re going anywhere. Whether you’re dressed casually, dressed badly, or even dressed in formal attire, you are always the prettiest/most handsome person in the whole world—but she’s probably not telling you that because you are her child.