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As Egyptians, we are all well aware that our culture has some super weird superstitions that we just can’t shake. Actually, these quirky sayings and customs of unfounded beliefs have been alive way longer than we are, and we have no clue why!

Since we’re discussing them right now, how about we recall a bunch of these Egyptian superstitions and roll our eyes at how prevalent they are?


1- Shah’et El-Molukhiya

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Molukhiya is one of the most foods that just screams Egypt! But does cooking it really require a weird (and loud) gasp to make it taste nice? Actually, no, that was proven to be just another baseless bizarre thing that we’ve passed down through generations.

Do you know what is even crazier, though? We heard that some people give their molukhiya a “Zaghrouta” while cooking it. Is your food getting married, guys?


2- Not Finishing your Juice

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When you’re visiting someone at their home, and they happen to have daughters, the host will sometimes oblige you to finish your juice. Why? So that their daughter can get married one day, of course!

We know that there are many reasons for someone to stay single, but we didn’t know that a glass of unfinished juice could be one of them!


3- Vacuuming at Night

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Some grannies say to their daughters that using a vacuum at night might curse their house. So, if you are a person who is only available or energetic at night, we are sorry, but you can’t clean your house at that time because you might curse the place! It’s not like we want to add any more negativity to our lives now, do we?


4- Spilling Coffee

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We all heard this saying before, right? “Spilling your coffee can bring you good luck”. As annoyed as we get when our cup of coffee is spilt somewhere, it can get really funny when someone tells you to cheer up because good things are coming your way.

Seriously, what does good luck have to do with caffeine?! Now, we have to clean it up while NOT caffeinated!


5- Leaving Scissors Open


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Unlike the last superstition on this list, your scissors have the power to bring unfortunate things to your life. We used to think that the only bad thing scissors can bring you is injury if you recklessly grab them and they cut you, but apparently, it goes deeper than that. Therefore, everyone should beware of their tools…even if bad luck has nothing to do with them.